Earn XP Today!

By helping the Myth community you can earn valuable xp points. These points can be spent toward leveling up, buying professions, the xp store, or gifted to friends.

Season Pass

Signing up to play all games for a season (Spring/Fall) before the Early Bird pricing of the first game will grant you 100 xp per game that you may begin to spend immediately.

Item Donation

Our plot and mods would not be as great without the support of our players. By donating items, you ensure Myth has the latest and greatest in props, costuming and effects for the adventures you will go on.

For a list of items we are looking for and how to donate visit our Trello board: https://trello.com/b/RgOnZf54/donation-board

Refer A Friend

What better way to earn xp than refer your friends and family to Myth and have a weekend of adventure. Should you refer a friend to the game, have them reach out to support@mythlarp.com with your details and let them know you are the reason they are now in Damar Keep. You will earn 100 xp as well as memories.

Clean Up / Break Down

Setting up and breaking down camp can be an long task but many hands make light work. By coming to game early or staying late you can earn xp for your time spent helping. See the Mythgnomers Facebook group for details.

Check Facebook For More

Your help is always appreciated. Emergency donations, volunteer opportunities and other ways to earn xp can always be found on Mythgnomers. Join and follow the group to get notified when something that strikes your fancy presents itself.