21 day in Mistmoot
Year 724
The Dancing Dragonfly of Damar Keep
The doors to the tavern creek open as you step in from the outdoors into the bustling interior. There's the scent of ale in the air, mixed with the ever-present smell of blood and the loud voices making it clear that this is an adventurer's type of place. A group speaks in hushed voices over coin and cheeses in one corner of the room, casting suspicious glances at a nearby group of armored warriors discussing their most recent kill. At the bar, a man in a muffin cap is leaning to listen to the eager remarks of a pink-haired woman. As you enter the room, the air fills with shouts of glee and anger from a group playing dice, one man grumbling as he passes his coins off and downs his drink in the same motion.
A paladin greets you with a hearty smile. "Welcome to the Dancing Dragonfly friend. Make yourself at home."
You make your way inside, eager to find glory and your story.

The Message Board

Here you can find posters hung up by the town for the next gather. Perhaps they contain your next adventure?