Myth takes place at the Windham-Tolland 4-H Camp in Pomfret Connecticut. The camp address is 326 Taft Pond Rd, Pomfret Center, CT 06259.

Drop off and Pick Up: As long the ground isn’t muddy, you are allowed to drive your vehicle to your cabin. If the road to your cabin is too muddy you will need to walk your gear to and from your cabin (approximately 1/8 mile).

Sleeping Assignments: When you register for Myth, you may choose what cabin you would like to stay in. All cabins are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’d like your group to take over an entire cabin, it is recommended you have enough people in your group to take up all the slots in that cabin.

Bathrooms: Each town has its own bathroom/shower units. These bathrooms/showers are used by all regardless of gender. If you are not comfortable with this, there are unisex bathrooms in the lower level of the tavern.

Sleeping Gear: Aside from a thin mattress on your twin-sized bunk bed, nothing else is provided for your bunk.

Storage: Your out-of-game items should be stored underneath your shared bunk. If there is not enough space under your bunk you may also bring a footlocker. It is recommended you have a lock for your footlocker and store nothing of value in it. Do not store IN-GAME ITEMS under your bunk.

Bathrooms: Each district has a co-ed bathroom/shower. During the colder months, these bathrooms are closed to prevent damage to the water lines.

Sleeping Off-Site: If you are planning to sleep at home, please let the Director know for emergency purposes.

Cleaning Supplies: While there are brooms and dustpans at the camp, there is often only one set for an entire district. You are required to remove all trash from your cabin, sweep it clean, and leave it in better condition than when you arrived. We recommend bringing a trash bag, broom, and dustpan to take care of your cabin without having to wait. Trash must be brought to the dumpster and you must have your cabin checked by the game staff before you leave.

Smoking: Our preference is that you smoke in the parking lot, however, if you are unable to make it to the parking lot you may smoke outdoors in the cabin proper area. Please be considerate of the camp and properly dispose of your butts so we may continue to make this option available. Smoking in the woods, cabins or tavern is not allowed.

Swimming/Boating: Swimming is not allowed. Please stay out of the ponds and off of boats.

Fires: You are allowed to have campfires in designated areas with permission for the GM. This fire MUST be monitored by one person who is not allowed to leave the area or go to Dedrot’s Realm until the fire is out. Please have a bucket of water available to help put the fire out quickly if needed.

Where to go: Once you’ve parked your vehicle in the parking lot, you’ll notice the large building overlooking it (Pictured above). As an NPC, you can enter through one of the doors on the lower level. The downstairs area is known as Game Operations (Ops). It is where all NPCs operate to make the game story happen.

Check-In: Once you’ve entered Game Operations, ask if there is anyone from Member Services around. If no one is available, ask for the Director, Assistant Director, or GM (Game Manager). Anyone can show you where to sign in. Member Services will be able to show you around and get you familiar with the people and the camp.

Unpacking Your Car: It is essential to know that there are no vehicles allow on-site while the Game is running. This restriction doesn’t affect NPCs who typically move their gear from the parking lot into the lower level of the tavern building. Work with Member Services for the best time to move your bedding into the common area. Game Check-in takes place in the common area, so setting up bedding usually takes place after this around 9:00 pm.

Rules Workshop: Our Rule Workshop covers game rules. This workshop typically takes place around 8:00 to 8:30 pm on the Friday evening of the event.

Game Start: The action at Myth begins at 10:00 pm. Ideally, NPCs will be in Game Operations and ready to go before 9:30 pm.


  • First Aid Kit or First-aid supplies
  • Insect repellent
  • Spare eyeglasses/contact lens supplies. Contacts are the preferred way to see at Myth. They allow you to wear masks more efficiently, and combat won’t knock them off your head.
  • Cosmetics
  • License/ID
  • Cellphone & charger
  • Light: Having a small flashlight or glowstick for emergencies is advisable. You shouldn’t use a flashlight to walk around the game area unless there is an emergency.

Health & Hygiene

  • Prescription medications
  • Painkillers (like ibuprofen or aspirin)
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Floss
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Brush/comb
  • Deodorant
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Quick Drying Towel (2)
  • Menstrual products
  • Alcohol or antiseptic wipes


  • Sleeping Bag / Blankets
  • Pillow
  • Cot
  • Earplugs
  • Air Mattress and a means to inflate it
  • Footlocker and combination lock. Use this to store things like car keys.
  • Mosquito net: while not required, mosquitos happen, and keeping them off of you is golden.


  • Underwear: Six pairs of underwear to start. You may need more or less. Moisture-wicking underwear is the best choice.
  • Long Underwear: Long underwear is very helpful during the colder months. Most costuming at Myth makes you look good but doesn’t necessarily keep you warm.
  • T-Shirts: Six logo-free black t-shirts help layer in warmer or cooler times of the year. Long-sleeve and short-sleeve options are best.
  • Socks: We recommend bringing around six pairs of socks as a starting point. You may find this to be too few. Consider synthetic or wool.
  • Warm hat: During the colder months, a non-descript black hat helps with warmth while playing monsters.
  • Gloves: During the colder months, gloves are wise to have. As with everything else, something non-descript and black is perfect.
  • Shoes/Boots: black or brown boots, sneakers, or shoes with no logos are ideal for footwear.
  • Belt


Myth supplies all of your meals, snacks, and drinks for the weekend. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday from a professional caterer. There are snacks and beverages available at all times in Game Operations.
While we do our best to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and vegan, it isn’t always possible for us to provide for every need. If you have a very restrictive diet, you may want to consider bringing food options.

As a player you are welcome to participate to purchase a meal plan to have breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday provided by the caterer.


As an NPC, Myth supplies any costuming needs for the weekend. You are asked to come in non-descript black clothing. This attire is often black sweats with no logos that can be worn underneath the costuming Myth provides.

As a player you will be required to bring any costuming needs you may have. The Facebook group and Discord are great places to ask for recommendations, bounce ideas and share any extra props you may have

Adventurers Per Cabin: Cabins in these two districts sleep an average of 10 people using 5 twin-sized bunk beds.

Electricity: Cabins do not have power. If you need to run a CPAP machine, try to stay in a cabin near one of the bathrooms and run an outdoor extension cord during Myth’s game-off time. If you run power, do not use an electric heater as it may blow a fuse.

Heat: These cabins are drafty, are not heated, nor are they insulated. During the cooler months, it is recommended you have the suitable sleeping gear to handle the cold. You are welcome to move to the heated tavern at any time if you feel you will not be warm enough in your cabin. You will need to be out of the inn before the Game starts.

Candles: We do not allow the use of real candles or open-flame lamps at Myth. All light must be battery-powered or glowsticks.

Mattresses: Bunks all have relatively thin camp mattresses on bunks. We recommend bringing an air mattress if you have one to enhance your comfort.

Bathrooms/Showers: Each of the towns have a co-ed bathroom and showers. The bathrooms are older and not co-ed in design. Please use them with that in mind. There are modern bathrooms on the upper and lower floors of the tavern building that are not co-ed. The bathrooms on the lower level of the tavern have modern, clean shower stalls.

Refrigerator: The out-of-game side of the tavern has a fridge available to Players and NPCs to store a limited amount of food. Please be considerate of others.

Decorations: We encourage you to decorate your cabin to help enhance the Game ambiance.

Cleanup: All members of a cabin are responsible for cleaning it up once the event is over. We recommend bringing a trash bag, broom, and dustpan as there is only one per town. Your trash must be disposed of at the dumpster near the tavern. Before you leave the event, be sure to have your cabin cleared by the individual coordinating cleanup. We will not award points to anyone in a cabin we are forced to clean up after.

NPCs can sleep upstairs in the common area of the tavern building or downstairs near the NPC center if space is available.

This building has the following amenities:

Refrigerator: While food for NPCs at Myth is free, you may choose to bring something specific to accommodate your dietary needs. There is a refrigerator in the common area where any food you’d like to bring can be stored. Please be considerate of how much you store, so others have space for things they need to bring.

Heat: During the colder months, the building has heat. There is also a fireplace for more warmth and ambiance.

Electricity: You will have access to electrical outlets, which can be used to power a fan, CPAP machines, electric blankets, etc. This building also has a backup generator.

Mattresses: There will be camp mattresses available for those who need them. We recommend bringing an air mattress if you have one.

Bathrooms/Showers: There are modern bathrooms on the upper and lower floors of the tavern building. The bathrooms on the lower level have modern, clean shower stalls.

In addition to sleeping in a cabin, the tavern building or heading home at night, NPCs and Players are welcome to bring a tent to stay outdoors. Here are some points to note about staying in a tent:

Notify the Director: For safety purposes, please let the Director know you are sleeping outdoors and where your tent is. Knowing where you will enable us to find you in the event of an emergency.

Stay Out of Game: Your tent may not be in the gameplay area. If you aren’t sure where you can set up, ask us. We are here to help.

Lock Things Up: Do not keep valuables in your tent. Instead, lock them in your vehicle or a large footlocker. Myth is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Electricity: You may be able to run a 50′ – 100′ extension cord from the tavern building to your tent. This option is not guaranteed. Do not use electric heaters in your tent.

Here is a tent-camping checklist with things to remember:

  • Tent (Be sure you have all the necessary poles and stakes)
  • Mallet (To secure stakes in the ground)
  • Sunshade or tarp
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping pads or a light air mattress
  • Pillows
  • Pocket knife

The Crossing

This district in Damar Keep has a small crossing bridge with a well-traveled trail that leads to the city of Ivygate (or Windhold if you follow the split in the road). Residents of the village enjoy the gentle sound of the brook that flows into the pond known as the Cauldron. While the town guard makes every effort, this side of town seems to be an active target for invaders and monsters. You have been warned, adventurer. Be sure you are always on your guard when staying in this part of Damar Keep.

The Glade

The bridge in the southern portion of the above Glade map leads to the town proper area with the Dancing Dragonfly. To the north, a precarious trail (yellow trail) leads through the woods. It is easy to get lost on the trail at night and there are many large stones and wetlands. Also in the Glade area is an amphitheater with benches and a podium. Residents closer to the bridge often enjoy the sound of the waterfall during times when the pond known as the Cauldron is full.

The Town Proper